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Ardfallen Medical Centre

City South G.P.

Suite 1a, Ardfallen Medical Centre

Douglas Road



(adjacent to the Briar Rose)

T: (021) 496 3792

E: info@citysouthgp.com


Welcome to
Citysouth Medical Centre

We are a GP (doctors) surgery located close to Cork City. You can find us on the main Douglas Road adjacent to the Briar Rose.

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The appearance of rashes, spots, lumps, bumps and moles is very often a reason for coming to see us.

STI screening

We provide routine screening for sexually transmitted infections. It’s pretty straightforward. Talk to us.

Health Screening

More and more we, as health professionals, want to prevent illnesses. This is what health screening is all about.

Antenatal Care

Routine checks in pregnancy include baby heart checks, assessment of size and position of the baby, blood pressure and urine testing.