Ardfallen Medical Centre, Douglas Rd.

  Contact : (021) 496 3792 / (021) 496 3065


Here are a few practical questions we are asked frequently.

Can I register as a new patient

Should you wish to join the surgery as new patient you can do so be you a private patient or a medical card patient. If you’re a medical card patient please bring your medical card with you. We can send a form to the HSE with your request for a transfer.

For both private and medical card patients we can send a letter to your previous GP, with your consent, requesting your medical records be sent to us.

Do I have to make an appointment or do you have a walk in service

Consultations are by appointment only

How long are appointments

Each appointment is 15 minutes. We try our best to keep to this so other patients who are waiting are not delayed. Who knows they may have other appointments elsewhere to attend to.

However there will be days where delays will occur. The doctor might be attending to a very sick patient/patients. We will have no control over this. So we would appreciate your patience should this occur.

If you think your appointment will take longer than 15 minutes, for example you are having the Implanon removed and inserted the same day, please inform our secretaries.

Can I order a repeat prescription

Yes you can order a repeat prescription. We require 48 hours’ notice. There will be incidences where the doctor may need to see you before a repeat prescription is given, hence another reason why we need 48 hours notice. This gives you time to come in to us before your medication runs out.

What if I have an emergency

If you have an emergency, please call us on 021 4963792/021 4963065. Please note that there are different levels of emergencies. So when you call us please give our secretaries as much information as possible to help the doctor to decide how urgent the emergency is.

If you are finding it difficult to get through to us, as all lines might be busy, call 999 or 112 for an ambulance.

I have a medical card with a different doctor. Can I still be seen at the surgery

You can only be seen by the doctor you are registered with. However if it is an emergency or you are temporarily away from the area your regular doctor is located, it may be possible to be seen here at the surgery.

If you are unable to get an appointment with your own GP your medical card does not cover this scenario. If there is availability you will be charged for the consultation.